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Imagine a world where every living thing buzzes with energy – the electricity between people, the deep connection with nature. It's not just some idea, it's a feeling I get deep down, a compass pointing me towards something bigger.

I'm driven by a powerful desire to make a positive impact. My purpose? To spark that same fire in you, to help you flourish and blaze your own trail to success. I can feel your ambition to reach new heights, and I'm here to walk beside you. Let's start on a journey together, a personalized exploration to find the path that lights your internal flame. We'll take your dreams and turn them into reality. This is your chance to step into the spotlight and watch yourself grow in ways you never imagined.


Healing from narcissistic abuse is a journey, and if you've been on it, you know how deep the wounds can be. But here's the thing: you are not alone, and recovery is absolutely possible. I want to be there for you, to offer the support, understanding, and guidance you need to move forward. Together, we can build your strength and help you thrive again.


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It is in the hardest of times, when asking for help is indeed very difficult.
It was in a situation like this that I was asked for help, it was a survivor of domestic violence.  We were both scared and didn’t have much guidance.
How could I help someone go through something so scary, when her safety was still at risk. 
I found myself sitting on my hands and completely lost on how to help someone after they had been assaulted.  So I reached out to someone who would know how to help her process the assault she had experienced, someone who would be able to give her helpful advice without being judgmental.
I knew that when I called Mika, he would be the one with the tools we needed. 
We arranged a meeting and he was punctual, respectful, and flexible. 
Not only did he physically made sure her home was safe. But he also showed her how to defend herself if she were to be in a situation like that again. 
He did it all in a very caring way, and mindful of the situation.  
I would recommend Mika’s services to anyone who wishes to get educated on the maters of physical and emotional abuse. He is not only supportive, he also has an array of tools to help survivors feel empowered and strong again. 
I am grateful for his help to my love one, but also for the work he has done for our community. 

C.G. , Oak Harbor, WA

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