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Welcome to the journey of self-discovery and growth! I'm Ranjit, your guide on this exciting adventure. As an Adventurer, Health Advocate, Movement Choreographer, Fitness Enthusiast, and a passionate explorer of personality and behavior, I am here to collaborate with you in facilitating your evolution.

Explore the possibilities by navigating through the Menu Bar to discover the path that aligns with your aspirations. Together, let's take off on your next adventure of self-realization!

Every captivating image on this page captures the essence of the breathtaking Pacific Northwest, a testament to my own explorations and those shared with my life partner, Kiah.

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My Evolution 

 As he rose from the ashes and the dust settled, it was clear he was not who he used to be. This time he had wings made of flame and am indomitable fire in his heart. His glow produced light so bright that the darkness was powerless to stop him. This sounds like a scene in a movie, however this has very much been my life. From birth in India and still to present day living in The Pacific North West, my resilience has been tested. Could I adapt to make a positive change within myself? Sometimes change isn't linear, but as long as I remember growth is the goal, I knew I would stay on the right path. In life there are opportunities for change, either positive or negative, and there is stagnation. Whatever the obstacle was that life threw at me, I always took the time to reflect and introspect. Many of these obstacles it took me time to fully understand. After many failures, came a huge success, and that success was because I changed my behavior. I grew from who I was to the next version of me, more fearless in the face of failure and mistakes, of which I have faced and made many. That's what makes us so beautifully human. It wasn't until I embraced and trusted myself that I gained this wisdom. The gift of intuition, energy between people and the environment is something I can feel. My encounter with and eventual freedom from a covert narcissist is how I earned my metaphorical wings of flame. It wasn't until I was awakened did I fully grasp the gift I was given, my purpose, or how to use it. I had been going through life sensing these things but not fully understanding them. Nor had I been using them to my advantage. After immense trauma inflicted by the narcissistic abuse cycle, my spark ignited the flames once again giving me "the sight". Over time I honed my "sight" and intuition more while working on interpersonal connections, communication and emotional control. I used the narcissists negative energy and transformed it into positive energy and action to propell myself forward. This is the fuel I siphoned from them, as they had taken so much of my own. I worked on discovering myself and my purpose. I worked on getting educated, and continue to educate in many areas of life, health, wellness and psychology. I still had setbacks but those just fueled my passion to understand myself and the energetic situation more. Some of these setbacks cost me friends, acquaintances, and almost myself. Yet, each time, the spark in my heart would reignite the flames again and again, blazing forward with no fear or regrets. Each time leaving behind the old me and evolving to rise from the ashes once more, never defeated. I worked to create a life of self actualization, observation and motivation. ​ I take a unique approach to Life, Health, and Wellness and I believe inside everyone is a spark for passion and drive to make positive changes for the good of themselves and humanity. I strive to inspire others to grow and forge their own path to success. I am interested in working with clients who are ready to face challenges, even if they have to face themselves. It may be hard and you may feel uneasy at first, but the most difficult path yields the most reward. In order to evolve one must let go of who they were before, to make room for the new you.

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